Dashboard your inbox

Intelligent client email, coupled with a powerful task management tool designed to facilitate team work

An intelligent client email and 100% cloud

Swinbox allows you to manage your emails from any device connected to the internet without any prior installation. It is very simple to use and has a sleek and modern design. Right from the first time you connect, Swinbox will automatically sort your emails for you into three tabs, based on their level of importance.

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Convert your emails into tasks

Swinbox has a powerful task management tool. Move (Drag-and-Drop) your email over the KANBAN dashboard and drop it into the list of your choice. You can create and name lists according to your needs, and your sorted emails will be displayed on your dashboard in a manner that is easy to read and well-organized.

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Collaborate with your team around an email

Use Swinbox with your team and benefit from new functions to enhance the managing of your emails. Communicate with your collaborators regarding a task or email while sharing comments. Assign tasks to your collaborators, share emails instead of forwarding them and avoid creating new unnecessary conversations.

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Everything that Swinbox can do for you

From intelligent sorting, to collaboration, to task management using a dashboard, Swinbox has been designed to provide solutions to your email management problems.

Automatic sorting of your emails

Thanks to its unique algorithm, Swinbox automatically sorts your emails for you, saving you time and allowing you to focus on what is important

Task management

Convert your emails into tasks with a click and organize them easily on your Kanban board


Share emails with your collaborators without creating new conversations, assign them tasks, communicate with them easily by sharing comments

New features

Swinbox enhances the management of your emails with new features: tag your emails, use the snooze function to archive them temporarily, program a remind, etc...

Integration with your favorite tools

To enable you to manage your emails more rapidly, Swinbox integrates third-party tools such as Drive, Dropbox, Overnote or Trello

100% Cloud

Free up your inbox thanks to Cloud, access your emails and your tasks from anywhere, 24/7.

Compatible with all devices.

Whether you use a PC, a Mac, an iPhone or an Android phone, Swinbox is compatible with all devices without any prior installation.

Data Security and Storage

Because the security and integrity of your data are essential, Swinbox is committed to respecting standards in this area (SSL certificates, security data encryption, etc.)

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Compatible with all web hosts and email providers

Swinbox is compatible with all existing email providers.
We also facilitate connection with principal providers so that your registration will be as simple and as rapid as possible.
Swinbox is easily configured, just like iPhone, Outlook or any other client email.

and all others

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Swinbox, la boite mail qui facilite la gestion des courriels

SwinBox permet à ses utilisateurs de passer moins de temps à trier et hiérarchiser leurs emails. - Tech & Co, du mercredi 30 septembre 2015, présenté par Sébastien Couasnon, sur BFM Business.

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