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To be used alone or with a team. Save time and be more productive

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Free includes

All these incredible features :

Automatic sorting of your emails
KANBAN task management dashboard
Enhanced email features
Assigning of tasks
Management of your team
Email sharing among collaborators
Comment sharing among collaborators
Integration with your third-party tools

9 .90€

Use Swinbox to create a more professional image with no limitations

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Premium includes

Free, and :

Suppression of Swinbox footer on sent emails
Unlimited number of lists on your KANBAN
Unlimited number of tasks on your KANBAN
Unlimited number of users on your team

Ideal for large companies looking to use Swinbox in specific configurations.

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Entreprise comprend

Premium, and :

Special pricing possible for multiple users
Additional customized features possible
Telephone support and assistance available 5 days a week.